5 Kamloops Websites by Locals

What you need to know about these 5 Kamloops websites by locals.  Oddly, you won’t find these that easily on the search engines when looking for ‘Kamloops’.


Created in 2003, it’s one of the oldest websites dedicated to Kamloops.  Darryl Schmidt is the owner, creator, webmaster, mastermind, and internet pioneer behind KamloopsCity.com.  He was online before “even the nerdiest of nerds” had heard of the internet and has been grinding out web projects ever since.  Darryl lives in Kamloops and has first hand knowledge of the city and it’s residents.

Screenshot of the KamloopsCity.com Homepage. 1 of the 5 best Kamloops websites.

A sample of the KamloopsCity.com homepage from November 25th, 2016.

The modern, clean design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and the events are kept current.  You’ll find semi-regular columns by locals Arjun Singh and Doug Smith.  It looks like Rich Weare may be a new contributor, he only has one article posted so far.  It would be nice to see more.

Businesses will want to get listed in the directory and stay current on business news, organizations, and events.

Restaurants, golf, and real estate are highlighted.  The golf page entices with a slideshow of the 20 pristine courses within a 90 minute drive of Kamloops.

Real Estate is Big on KamloopsCity.com

In the real estate section you’ll find KamloopsHouseTours.com, which offers professional photography and web presentation of homes for sale for a select group of Realtor clients in Kamloops.

Screenshot of services offered by KamloopsHouseTours.com

Services offered by KamloopsHouseTours.com

If you’re looking to sell your property, you may want to insist that your Realtor employs Kamloops House Tours to get a professional tour created and to market it on their website.

Support your local Kamloops website and the local businesses and organizations listed there by sharing KamloopsCity.com around.  (Not everything is on social media.)

Other Kamloops Websites

Sites by media companies, will be covered in another post.  These other sites are either dormant or operated by ‘out-of-towners’.  We’ll take a look at Infotel Kamloops, KamloopsBCNow.com, KamloopsBC.com, and Kamloops.com.

Infotel Kamloops

This is the company that throws a thick directory on your doorstep once or twice a year.  (It’s ironic that they used the whole backpage to advertise their mobile app.) They have a large section of the site dedicated to Kamloops and other sections for Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton.

Screenshot of Kamloops Infotel Homepage

Kamloops Infotel is a major source of local news and business listings. (Nov. 26, 2016)

Although Infotel is not dedicated to Kamloops, they do have a local rep driving a branded smart car around to remind folks they’re on the ground in Kamloops.

There are several local columnists – Andria Parker, Jonesie, Nancy Bepple, Scott Moran, and others.


It’s hard not to get vacuumed into the endless scrolling newsfeed on this Kamloops site modeled after the addictive interface of social media.  It used to be operated by Pulse Group Media who appear to have been amalgamated with CSEK Creative from Kelowna, which operated KelownaNow.com as well.

Screenshot of KamloopsBCNow.com Nov. 25, 2016

KamloopsBCNow.com’s homepage will captivate you with it’s endless local news feed.

Like Infotel, the news seems to be the same on the Kelowna and Kamloops sites.


Is a basic, ‘guide-type’ website about Kamloops and it’s old-school graphics and layout will remind you of the early days of the WWW.


You’d expect this site to be the premier online destination for Kamloops.  It may have been back in the 90’s, but it has not been updated for years and although there is content there, it’s mostly dormant.

Share Your Favourite Kamloops Websites

We’re not looking for social media pages, or sites by large media companies.  Share those hard to find gems that deserve a mention.

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