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4 Great Hiking Resources for Kamloops Area

Hiking is a must whether you live in Kamloops or are visiting.  Every direction you look is a hill to climb and here you’ll find 4 great resources to help you explore those horizons.  Check every one of these sites and I guarantee you inspiration. A few personal tips: 1. If the weather doesn’t look […]

Kamloops Lake

Kamloops Lake

Kamloops Lake is one of the least used large lakes in the Kamloops area.  On this fall day, it was calm and clear.  There was only one boat and you could hear the folks talking on it all the way across the lake. One reason it’s not used as much is that there are limited […]

Battle Bluff

Battle Bluff and Kamloops Lake

  If you’ve ever hiked Battle Bluff, you know it can get pretty busy.  On this day, the parking lot was full so I headed further west and hiked onto a different bluff.  Great view of the lake and no people.  Parts of it you have to make your own trail.