4 Great Hiking Resources for Kamloops Area

Hiking is a must whether you live in Kamloops or are visiting.  Every direction you look is a hill to climb and here you’ll find 4 great resources to help you explore those horizons.  Check every one of these sites and I guarantee you inspiration.

A few personal tips:
1. If the weather doesn’t look great, go anyway.  Bad weather doesn’t last long around Kamloops.  (Check a weather app just in case.)
2. Take pictures, but pay attention to the view.  A photo never does it justice and doesn’t connect with your soul the way that fresh air does.
3. Don’t be a jerk – don’t litter.  Take absolutely all your garbage out with you including cigarette butts, dog crap, and anything else that wasn’t there before you arrived.  In fact, you can be a good citizen and bring back any garbage you find. 🙂

Hike Kamloops

Hike Kamloops Header

Great photos from Hike Kamloops. All seem to be anonymous.

Hike Kamloops is a great place to see fairly recent photos from an anonymous hiker on an increasing number of Kamloops and area trails.

Kamloops Hiking Club

Kamloops Hiking Club

This club might be the coolest thing to happen to hiking in Kamloops since hiking boots.

The website is super slick.  It’s so good, I keep wondering if they make money doing this or if the only other thing they do besides hike is work on their website.  Wait, that sounds like someone I know . . .  (Not this site, a different one.)

The events calendar shows several hikes planned every week.  If you want overnighters, there are backpacking trips planned too.

There’s even a forum to chat about what’s going on and trade gear.

Kamloops Trails

Kamloops Trails

Kamloops Trails has over 1100 posts on hiking in the area.

Kamloops Trails has over 1100 posts making it one of the most comprehensive hiking and outdoor activity resources in Kamloops and likely all of the BC Interior.  I’d like to know if they’ve been on 1100 hikes!  They also have Kamloops Hiking Trails which organizes hikes by location.

Trail Peak

Hiking Map Kamloops

Interactive map of hikes around Kamloops. Hover over them and click.

It’s not a Kamloops based site, but there are 80 or so trails posted for Kamloops and area.  Lots of great features: maps, GPS coordinates, reviews & discussions of trails, it’s a live community.  You can find mountain biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, paddling, and snowshoeing as well.

We’ve used this outside of Kamloops too.  It’s available for Canadian and US locations.

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